Residential Design

Chicago Epic Design brings beauty and style to residential design. At Chicago Epic Design, we determine design based on our client's needs, style, and aesthetic. We implement design trends through a classic and comfortable approach to create rich and timeless interiors. The team effort between our clients and us, your designers, is essential to the success of the design project. Along with designing for residential homes on a more permanent basis, we also offer staging design services, if you're looking to sell your current residence. We can help you with decisions and furnishings that will make your home more appealing to buyers.

Commercial Design

At Chicago Epic Design, we know how to make commercial designed spaces that will match your business in every way. We focus on creating spaces that maximize workplace efficiency along with generating a welcoming atmosphere for both employees and visitors. Our passion for commercial design is creating spaces and installations for treatment and recovery facilities; understanding that these types of businesses have strong physical and emotional needs. We design these spaces to affect the body and soul in a positive way.

Our Design Team

At Chicago Epic Design, our team of designers is experienced in merchandising, customer service, and interior design. We enjoy what we do and our focus is to build relationships that allow us to continue creating interesting and cohesive designs. This is all important to the success of every project we do and we cannot wait to devote our skills, talent, experience, and energies into elevating your space.